Got an idea but no
one to build it?

We'll help you

build your product test product/market fit generate revenue raise funding

About us

Growhive is a 100% remote virtual incubator.

We are a world class technology team rolled into one neat, affordable package:

Mike Sutton
interim CTO

Mike serves as your interim CTO - offering high level strategic technology and startup guidance, product architecture and planning throughout your time with Growhive and beyond. With 30+ years in most parts of the technology industry, there is little he can't help you solve.

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Idrees and the team
full stack delivery engineers

The team (including the CTO) bring their world class mix of skills across React, Rails, Python, DevOps and UI design and diverse life and work experiences all focused on getting your startup product built and built well.
We'll work with you to understand your goals, your priorities and deliver quality products

How it works​

It is the perfect solution for non-technical founders with an unvalidated / pre-product idea.

You Get Dedicated CTO & Team Time:
project gets 1 hour a week with Mike to do high level planning and direction setting and 1 dedicated day a week with the team  building the highest priority items from your plan.
This enables us to get feedback and gives you chance to inspect and adapt more effectively.

We work with you (and your team):

We deliver each week and refine the plan as we go along. You will have tasks too and we will all work together to get your project validated.

Bring your network to help
We add you to our accelerator platform where you can bring your network to help and access help you cannot find elsewhere. 

Why Choose Growhive

You're a Non-technical Founder

You might be solo or not - but when you need experience and skills to help you plan and execute like a pro - we are here and we got your back.

We have over 40 years of experience in building tech, teams, launching and running startups - often having to do it all. You are getting real life practitioners - not folk who read a book or just interned somewhere famous

You're cash rich
but time poor

Progress is slow when you are also working full time.

Our service means you can still build your dream while you go do other things.
Getting the talent and skills set we are offering would cost you (easily) 10x what it is priced at and this is deliberate.
Your product will get guaranteed time every week and progress will be made even while you sleep!

We handle The Tech

We have a tried and tested stack with enterprise grade security, storage, email etc.

Everything you need to get started quickly.

Most products are online in 2 days and we then continue to iterate and test.

We take the challenging and distracting things off your hands so you can build a business - not a product.

You want Flexibility

We know life gets in the way sometimes.

Our flexible monthly model means you can pause and restart when you want.

Our work

What founders say about us


clear & simple all-in pricing

CTO hours are used for high level planning, technology strategy, recruiting and other high level work with a world class, highly experienced and hands-on CTO
Pro Team hours cover engineering, devops, marketing and sales help.

Startup Trial

See if we fit
£ 750 1 week (ex VAT)
  • 1 CTO Hour for the week
  • 1 Professional Team day for the week
  • Refundable off your first month subscription if you continue on a plan

Monthly PAYG

Pay As You Go
£ 4000 monthly (ex VAT)
  • 4 CTO Hours
  • 4 Professional Team Days
  • 1 year access to the Helpbuild platform

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